Operation and management of
video information processing equipment

    • Hyundai robotics (hereafter referred to as the "Company") informs customers of the purpose and method of using video information processed by the Company by publishing its policy on the operation and management of video information processing devices.
  • Grounds and purposes of installing the video information processing device
    • The company installs and operates image information processing devices for the following purposes in accordance with Article 25, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
      • Facility safety, parking, and fire prevention.
      • Crime prevention for the safety of customers and employees.
      • Workplace protection and prevention of illegal intrusion by outsiders.
  • Locations of video information processing devices
    • In accordance with the relevant laws, video information processing devices are installed in the following places.
      • Places requiring public safety and security for the protection of trade secrets, such as main entrances where people and vehicles enter and exit, lobbies, corridors, over/underground parking lots
      • Places where crime prevention is required, such as external boundary fences
      • Other places or areas that are vulnerable to security or crime prevention, etc
    • Video information processing devices are installed and operated for public safety, facility protection, crime and accident prevention, etc. They are installed and operated separately in consideration of the characteristics and necessity of the Company.
  • Responsibility for managing and operating video information processing devices
    • The company appoints the personal video information protection manager and operation manager to protect customers' video information and handle complaints concerning personal video information.
    • 영상정보처리기기 관리 및 운영 책임 관련 표
      Division Title Department Contact number
      Supervisor Team Manager Management Support Team 053-670-7042
      Operation Manager Manager Image Information Processing Device and Operation Team 053-670-7043
  • Collection, Protection, and Processing of Image Information
    • Collection, Protection, and Processing of Image Information
      Operation hours Archive Due Archive Location
      24hrs 30 days from the filming date Operation and situation office
      • The company does not collect video information or use the voice recording function at its own discretion for purposes other than installation specified in Paragraph 1 and manages stored video information at a place where only authorized personnel can access using the security system installed with the password and locking device.
      • The company manages the video information recorded and collected using video information processing devices as confidential information and prohibits viewing, playing, and taking out of the company without authorization.
      • The company records and manages matters concerning the use of personal video information for other than the purpose intended, providing it to a third party, destruction, or viewing request. When the retention period expires, the company erases the information permanently using an unrecoverable method (shredding or incineration) for printouts.
  • Actions for the information owner's request such as viewing video information, etc.
    • The information owner may request the video information processing device operator to view, check the existence of, or delete his/her personal video information at any time.
      However, it is limited to the personal video information showing the information owner's presence or the case that it is required for the benefit of the information owner's urgent benefit of life, body, and property.
      If the information owner requests to view, check the existence of or delete his/her personal video information, the company will take necessary measures without delay, except for the following cases of rejection.
      • When the personal image information storage period has expired and the information is deleted
      • When there is concern about the violation of the privacy of others by showing and disclosing video
      • When it seriously interferes with a criminal investigation, maintenance of public prosecution, trial execution, etc.
      • When the company has justifiable reasons for refusal of the information subject's request for inspection or confirmation
  • Measures to ensure the safety of video information
    • The company manages video information safely using physical security, etc. In addition, the company assigns different access rights to personal information as an administrative measure to protect personal video information and record and manage the creation time of personal video information, the purpose of viewing, viewer, and viewing date and time to prevent forgery or alteration of personal video information.
  • Matters concerning the change in the privacy policy
    • This policy of operating and managing video information processing devices was enacted on December 27, 2011. If there is any addition, deletion, or modification of contents in accordance with changes in laws, policies, or security technologies, we will notify the reason for the change and the contents on the company website at least 7 days before the change.
    • Date of announcement: June 20, 2017 / Date of enforcement: Jun 20, 2017