About Hyundai Robotics

로봇과 함께 보다 풍요로운 삶을 로봇과 함께 보다 풍요로운 삶을

Starting robot business in 1984, Hyundai Robotics first produced a welding robot in 1987 and has made a new epoch of exceeding 50,000 industrial robots produced in total in 2018, for the first time in Korea. Rather than being satisfied with such results, Hyundai Robotics pushes forward industrial robot, cleaning robot, and system businesses powerfully, building the only independent technical skills in Korea. Especially, the bodywork welding robot was selected as the top-notch global product in 2008 and the cleaning robot in 2011.

We are responding to global robot businesses by acquiring global safety standard certificates, including CE for Europe, NRTL for North America, Gost-R for Russia, functional safety recognition, and explosion proof certificate. And Hyundai Robotics is developing into the top general robot company in the world from exporting products to every part of the world, including China, United State of America, Europe, Russia, India, Brazil, Iran and so on and developing technologies continuously.

Hyundai Robotics performs businesses in all areas, including the automation of robots and plants, engineering, installation, test drive, and after-sales services.

Especially, Hyundai Robotics focuses on business of realizing a smart plant through cutting-edge industrial robot technology. We take the initiative in developing and distributing automation systems by developing new robots designed to customers' requirements and also support customers with the smooth operation of their plants by offering prompt and precise before- and after-sales services through the global service network.

Hyundai Robotics will continue to develop itself as a front-runner in robot industry, growing with customers mutually through continuous research & development and innovative products.

Management philosophy

contribute to the international society with the creative pioneer spirit and an indomitable will

It is the philosophy pursued by Chung Ju-yung, the founder of the company, that anyone that challenges the impossible with infinite potential, indomitable will, and powerful momentum can certainly achieve anything and such spirit is the foundation of Hyundai Robotics.
  • 창조적 예지

    Wisdom of pursuing newness at all times to respond to customers' and society's demands

  • 적극의지

    Attitude of actively challenging every business with the coherent owner spirit

  • 강인한 추진력

    Power of being able to achieve goals with a strong spirit and an indomitable will

We aim to develop Hyundai Robotics into the best general robot company that leads the world. To achieve such goal, we do our utmost to have our customers satisfied, employees rewarded, by setting 'a general robot company leading the world' as our vision, and shareholders satisfied by enhancing the corporate values
세계를 선도하는 
                        로봇종합Corporation/최고의 기술과 품질로 고객만족/ 자기성취를 실현하는
                        보람있는 직장/ 주력사업 일류화를 통한 Corporation가치 증대 세계를 선도하는 
                        로봇종합Corporation/최고의 기술과 품질로 고객만족/ 자기성취를 실현하는
                        보람있는 직장/ 주력사업 일류화를 통한 Corporation가치 증대
Hyundai Robotics has enacted the management philosophy that all employees have to share and practise in order to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and roles sincerely.
  • 지속적인 성장을 통해 Corporation가치를 증대시킨다.
    To enhance corporate values through continuous growth
    • To discover and develop promising growing businesses aggressively
    • To secure core competences for the future growth
    • To construct a flexible management system
    • To construct a firm global management system
  • 공정하고 투명한 경영을 실천한다.
    To practise fair and transparent management
    • To abide by laws and respect business morality
    • To maintain the order of free market
    • To construct a fair and clean trade climate
  • 안전하고 환경친화적인 경영을 추구한다.
    To pursue safe and environment-friendly management
    • To construct a pleasant and safe work environment
    • To prevent safety accidents by establishing a free safety management system
    • To take the initiative in developing and distributing environment-friendly technologies
    • To make effort to do environment-friendly production activities
  • 상호존중과 신뢰의 노사Culture를 구현한
    To realize labor-management culture based on mutual respect and trust
    • To construct highly lively organizational culture through participation and trust
    • To fulfill all duties given to enhance the company's competitiveness
    • To make effort for employees' self-realization and to enhance their life quality
  • 글로벌 Corporation시민으로서 사회 발전에 기여한
    To contribute to social development as a global corporate citizen
    • To make effort to improve the culture and welfare of local society
    • To contribute to national development with sincere payment of taxes and creation of job opportunities
    • To make contribution to the co-prosperity of humanity through efforts of creating values