Hyundai Robotics runs a disinfection robot at Asan Medical Center

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2022. 08. 29
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Operation of a face-to-face disinfection robot at Asan Medical Center Children's Hospital and Health Promotion Center
Self-driving-based obstacle avoidance function allows face-to-face disinfection by sterilizing harmless to the human body

Hyundai Robotics, an affiliate of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, announced on the 29th (Monday) that it will operate one face-to-face disinfection robot each launched in July this year at the Children's Hospital on the first floor of the new building of Asan Medical Center.


The robot, which will be operated this time, will perform disinfection work to improve air quality in hospitals and remove various harmful bacteria and viruses.


The robot has the ability to avoid obstacles based on the autonomous driving function, so even hospitals with a large floating population can carry out disinfection work without colliding with passengers.


In addition, since face-to-face disinfection work is possible using a sterilization method that is harmless to the human body, disinfection work can be carried out at all times in hospitals that operate 24 hours a day.


An official from Hyundai Robotics said, "We will continue to lead the market in this field by developing various service robots that take into account the environment of real-life use."


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