HYUNDAI ROBOTICS launches Korea's first face to face disinfection robot

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2022. 08. 03
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Development of a disinfection Robot Harmless to the Human Body and Targeting the Global Market

Hyundai Robotics, which has been leading the domestic industrial robot market for the past 30 years, has recently introduced serving robots and disinfection robot to the market one after another, and is evolving into a "mobile service robot" company.

Starting with supplying a serving robot jointly developed with KT to the Daegu Marriott Hotel in March 2021, Hyundai Robotics has been supplying autonomous serving robots used in hotels and restaurants, and plans to develop and release a disinfection robot harmless to the human body for the first time in Korea. 

While most of the disinfection robots on the market so far have limitations that they cannot operate in the same space as humans due to human hazards, the Hyundai quarantine robot, which is scheduled to be released this time, applies a "plasma" sterilization method to enable face-to-face quarantine. 

This product is equipped with eight types of sensors to detect and remove ultra-fine dust and organic compounds (TVOcS), and has various functions and customer convenience, such as checking air quality status at a glance through a 10-inch LED screen at the top of the product.

This functional advantage can be applied mainly to the lobby or office space of buildings, especially in complex commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, etc., where it is difficult to install air purifiers or sterilizers, so it is expected to replace dozens of air purifiers used per building.

In addition, it has passed domestic and foreign institutional certification for 10 harmful bacteria and 5 harmful gases that cause viral diseases such as COVID-19, and the amount of ozone generated is also significantly lower than that of other companies.

The product has received high attention from domestic and foreign customers since it was first introduced at the Hannovermesse 2022 in Germany, and has been recognized for its high product power by promoting joint business with Vodafone, Europe's largest telecommunication company.

Seo Kyung-seok, head of Hyundai Robotics' service robot division, said, "I think Hyundai Robotics will play a leading role in the rapidly growing service robot market, and it will be a future flagship business with sales of 40 trillion won in sales within the next 10 years." 

Product inquiries can be made through Hyundai Robotics Service Robot Agency and Email (

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