Disinfection robot HYUNDAID1, disinfection operation facing the civil service center

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2022. 08. 03
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POC of Hyundai Robotics' service robot HYUNDAI D1

Hyundai Robotics announced on the 27th that it has piloted an artificial intelligence disinfection robot in the civil service room on the first floor of Jung-gu Office in Ulsan.

The disinfection robot is equipped with artificial intelligence that can perform self-driving, floor UVC sterilization, atmospheric plasma sterilization, and air cleaning functions.

Jung-gu District explained that in February last year, it signed a business agreement with HCCN, an official distributor of Hyundai Robotics service robots, to promote knowledge, technology, and service-based industries, and based on this, it will support pilot operations for performance and program stability tests before launch.

Hyundai Robotics conducted a pilot operation with the Jung-gu Office in Ulsan to provide children with robot education and experience opportunities in preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution. In order to cultivate robot-related talents, the Jung-gu Office plans to create a robot learning center on the first floor of the former Woojeong-dong Administrative Welfare Center in cooperation with HCCN Co., Ltd.

The robot learning center will be created as a theoretical training room and a practice room, and will officially open in the second half of this year.

"We are actively supporting various activities of local companies to discover and foster promising companies centered on high-tech industries that have secured technology," a Jung-gu official said. "We will continue to establish and implement various corporate support policies to help small technology companies revitalize the local economy."

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